Northern Wind- Diving center & Marine activities
Dor -Nahsholim, Carmel region

Our diving center welcomes divers for a dive into the past, in which you will visit ancient shipwrecks, see Napoleon-era lost weapons and the ruins of an ancient port city, explore reef and encounter marine life at the nature reserve.
In addition, you can enjoy our guided tours and outdoors activities and visit tourist sites in the picturesque Carmel region.
Vacations ("all included") ranging from 1 day up to 1 week, throughout Israel are available.

Guided tours to all historical and tourist sites are available upon request!
Our tours are guided by world known local historian and marine archaeologist – Dr. Kurt Raveh
(Dor, Acre, Caesarea, Haifa, Zichron Yaakov, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee and more)
Diving & Marine archaeology center
Our diving center is located at Dor –Nahsholim bay, part of the Habonim marine nature reserve.
Our unique attraction is the maritime archaeology center Dor, run by Kurt Raveh local historian and marine archaeologist, for more than 30 years.
The center is active all year round in exploration, research, discovery, teaching and protecting the underwater archaeological sites and findings.
To date, more than 30 shipwrecks have been discovered and excavated, dating back to King Solomon's time, in the ruins of the ancient port city Dor.
You can also see the lost weapons and armory of Napoleon's army, abandoned to ease the burden on the defeated French soldiers after their defeat in Acre.

Diving & Education center 
In the past 8 years, we are conducting annual coastal and underwater cleanup events and accompanied underwater
.surveys in collaboration with governmental entities and regional councils
We developed unique educational program combining marine archaeology, biology and environmental acquaintance
.to different educational institutions including unprivileged youth schools
.In addition, we took a major part in the foundation of the local marine community at the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel 

נחשולים-דור, חוף הכרמל
תמונות באדיבות: איתן מהרם, קורט רווה, דורלי רווה, איתי סיקולסקי

                       עיצוב אתר וניהול תוכן-דורלי רווה. כל הזכויות לחברת רוח צפונית-איתן מהרם (c)